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I can often be found on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) under the nickname Kkoala (what a surprise!). I'm usually on the #foreplay channel. NO!!! it's not what you think... This channel is for people from all over the world to meet and talk. I came to this channel after politics began to over run the first channel that I had come to call home. I still miss all my friends on #30+sex.. but I don't miss the commercials and the jerk who ruined what used to be the most fun channel on all of EFNET.

Kkoala's People Links
Here are a some of my friends both on and off IRC:
Name IRC Nickname
  Donna that's MY secret! :)
  Tommy I'll never tell! hehehe
  Dawn none any more
  Len none - (he doesn't IRC)
  Jeff SRV2
  Hugh HughH
  Darren DaZa
  Fred and Mei Gandalf and Miniminx
  Wade Songster^
  Neil Oooo
  Chris toggs
  Fred Puppetear
  Michelle Michelle-
  Lana Kitty1
  Rob and Lynn Cybo and CasPurr
  Terry and Paula LongCoat and ???
  ??????????? jumper7
  Pattie None that I know of
  Nikki PantherGR
If you'd like to be added (or removed) from this list just send me a note. (if you'd like to be added, please don't forget to send the URL to link to)